A Celebration of History, Elegance & Design - The Bath Chess Set

These pieces have been crafted from the highest grade of Red Sandalwood and Boxwood, hand selected and scrutinised at every stage of production. They have been imagined and designed from scratch by our in-house designers and fashioned by the world's most skilled chess piece artisans; a process that has taken almost two years to come to fruition. The result is a reflection of what we believe is the cultural, historical and architectural essence of the City of Bath.

Examples include the Palladian influenced shanks of the King, Queen and Pawns and the Solomonic design of the King and Queen's crowns; an architectural feature that can be witnessed throughout the city's buildings.

This is not a novelty design but an understated interpretation and celebration of one of the finest historical cities in the United Kingdom. The pieces are presented in a handmade solid Coralwood case, exquisitely lacquered and furnished using the finest quality British made hardware.

The Bath Chess Set is peerless in originality and quality and being limited to only 50 Editions worldwide, is truly exclusive. Invest in a piece of history today, The Bath Chess Set, Available only from The Regency Chess Company.